A Guide To August Smart Lock Compatibility

Tired of keeping the keys with you all the time? Ever dropped your key while holding groceries and got frustrated? Well, you are not alone. 

A secure lock is what every homeowner needs. You need to be able to go out with peace of mind and come back with your home stuff intact. 

Traditional locks are not that convenient, especially if you don’t like to keep a key in your pocket alongside your smartphone. 

Plus, although manually unlocking your door may look classy, but it almost always makes you put those groceries down, and is a little time-consuming as well. 

You don’t have to experience inconvenience when there are better options available. An August smart lock enables you to lock and unlock your doors using your smartphone. 

But, you may wonder “Will August smart lock fit? Worry not! In this article, we are going to guide you on the August smart lock compatibility, so keep reading. 

How Does August Smart Lock Work?

To put it in very simple terms, an August smart lock enables you to lock/unlock your door using wireless technology with your smartphone. 

So, after installing the August smart lock on your home’s doors, you will just install an app that would connect your smartphone to the lock. You then won’t have to carry door-lock keys around in your pocket anymore. 

The good thing is, it directly gets installed on a pre-existing deadbolt in your doors. It’s powered with 4 AA batteries; the device flashes a red light when these batteries need to be replaced. 

August Smart Lock Features

Monitoring the Activity at the Door

In addition to providing you with a virtual key to your doors, the August smart lock allows you to see the activity at your door. 

So, whenever there is an activity at your door, for instance, someone from your home opens the door, the door has been unlocked and so much more, the app lets you know. So, you won’t miss any action at your doorstep, which can ensure your peace of mind. 


Granting Guest Access

With the August smart lock, you can also grant access to anyone you want for a limited period of time by giving them a temporary digital key. 

It could be a few weeks, a few days, or even a few minutes. After that period, the key won’t work, ensuring your peace of mind. 

In the guest list, you can invite anyone you want by sending them the instructions for the installation of the app. Once they set up and account, they can use their phone to unlock your door. 

Owners can invite others, change settings, set-up auto-unlock, control remotely, and see the activity. Whereas, guests can only unlock and lock the door for a specific duration of time set by the owner. 

Check the Status of Your Doors

Plus, if you want to know the status of your doors, i.e. if they are locked or not, you can do that using DoorSense.  

Auto-unlock and Lock

You won’t have to even take out your mobile phone; the auto-unlock feature opens the door when you approach it. In addition, with the auto-lock feature, you can set as low as 30 sec and as high as 30 min timer. 

The DoorSense module that comes with the lock is attached to your door frame and calibrated for the distance between the lock and the sensor. 

This sensor tells you when you have left your door open. So, if you leave the door open for a certain amount of time, you will get a notification on your mobile phone. 

The lock has a clever design; when you leave the house, it goes into away mode. It will stay like that until you come back home. Once you are in the Bluetooth range of the lock, it unlocks the door for you and shifts back to the Home mode again. 

August Smart Lock Compatibility

August smart locks are pretty convenient to install on your existing deadbolts from the inside of doors. You won’t have to change the keys even as this smart lock doesn’t alter the exterior of the lock. 

Will August Smart Lock Fit?

The August smart lock is compatible with almost all the single-cylinder deadbolts. So, if you don’t have a double-cylinder assembly, you are good. 

August smart lock has been designed in such a way that you won’t have to replace your existing keys. The lock works with your existing assembly without any hassle. 

So, you will be able to lock and unlock your door with the same key even after the August smart lock installation. 

Which Deadbolts the August Smart Lock Doesn’t Work With?

Although the compatibility of an August smart lock is pretty impressive with single-cylinder lock assemblies, it won’t, however, fit well with some types of locks. 

These locks include mortise, Medeco, Mul-t-Lock, and rim cylinder. So, if you have one of these locks installed on any of your home’s doors, an August smart lock won’t work with them. 

Single-Cylinder Deadbolts VS the Others

As the most common type of locks used these days are single-cylinder smart locks because of the ease of use and cost-effectiveness, your lock will probably be compatible with the August smart lock. 

Single-cylinder deadbolts are assemblies where you turn the knob from the inside to open the door, and you can install an August lock with these assemblies. You don’t need a key to open your door lock from the inside. 

But, other types of locks, for instance, double-cylinder locks, where you have to use the key to open the door even from inside, are not compatible with the August smart lock.

In the single-cylinder locks, the mechanism of the single-cylinder is isolated from the doorknob. On the other hand, a mortise lock’s mechanism is not separated. 

When you move the handle, the deadbolt, as well as the latch, are pulled back. The retrofit August smart lock installation won’t work with such an assembly. 

This means the August smart locks are only compatible with the deadbolts that are separate from the doorknob. The deadbolts which have interconnected knob and handle don’t work with August smart locks. 

Smart Home Integration

A stand-out feature of the August smart lock is that it works with Apple’s Home app. The amazing thing is, you can tell Siri to check whether the lock is open or close. 

Plus, you can also ask Alexa to check the status of your door, or lock/unlock it when you are about to reach home.

Final Thoughts

The August smart lock offers great convenience for those who don’t want to use their keys to unlock and lock their doors. With this smart lock, you can control and monitor your doors with your mobile phone, which means greater peace of mind and effective security. 

Plus, you can give access to people as guests, so that they can enter and leave your home for a specified period of time. 

But, you may wonder “will August smart lock fit?” The good thing is, the August smart lock is pretty easy to install and offers compatibility with almost all the single-cylinder assemblies. 

So, if you have a single-cylinder lock, you can enjoy the impressive features this smart lock has to offer. 



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