The Best Smart Locks That Work With Ring

What smart lock works with Ring? Sometimes, questions like this can have a simple answer but require thorough research, especially when you are looking to invest. 

Smart locks are a really efficient commodity that is getting so much traction in the home automation industry, because you, as a homeowner, love the automated tasks. 

In this article, you will know the answer to the question “what smart lock works with Ring?” and get a complete doorbell or alarm solution with your smart lock for your home’s security and your peace of mind.  

Does Ring Have Smart Locks?

Ring doesn’t make their own smart locks, however, you can easily integrate smart locks from other reputable brands with Ring. We will tell you specifically which smart locks integrate smoothly with Ring, so continue reading.

Ring app offers you the convenience of locking/unlocking your door through your mobile phone. You can also have a look at the Ring doorbell video feed while unlocking your door, impressive, right?

Let’s jump into the features of these Ring-compatible smart locks so that you can make an informed decision. 

Comparison Table

Name Connection Prominent Features Price
1. Schlage Connect Z-Wave plus
  • Amazon Alexa Integration
  • Built-in alarm
2. Yale Assure Z-Wave plus
  • 250 access codes
Yale Assure
3. Kwikset 99140-024 Z-Wave plus
  • Re-keying (use existing keys)
4. Kwikset 98880-006 Z-Wave plus
  • 5-digit keypad

1. Schlage Connect BE469ZP Smart Deadbolt

Schlage is well-known for its secure and reliable smart locks. While you can trust its locks for your doors, the added security with Ring integration and ease of use makes it a brand worth relying on. 

This Schlage connect smart deadbolt has a built-in alarm; when someone opens or closes the door, you can have the device notify you. There is an option of emergency alarm for anyone trying to break in or tamper with the lock. 

The outdoor keypad allows you another option of entry. Don’t worry about the touchscreen keypad imprinting your fingerprints.  

The keypad is fingerprint-resistant, so no one would be able to see the imprints after you unlock your door using the keypad. 

Once you have connected your Schlage smart lock with the Ring alarm, you will be able to fully control the lock with the app. 

For instance, you can create access codes and manage them, lock and unlock your door, check usage history, and have a check on the battery level. You can create up to 30 access codes using the Schlage connect smart deadlock. 

In addition, the smart lock is pretty easy and quick to install onto your door with the snap and stay technology. You just have to use a screwdriver. 

With Amazon Alexa integration, you can control it through your voice. For instance, if you wanted to unlock your door, you can ask Alexa, your virtual assistant, to do that for you. 

All in all, this smart lock from Schlage is perfect for Ring integration. Ring has officially certified this device, so you can put your trust in it. It provides effective security and convenient controllability with the Ring app. 


  • Seamless Ring integration
  • Amazon Alexa integration 
  • Control with Ring app
  • Up to 30 access codes
  • Built-in alarm
  • Fingerprint-resistant keypad

2. Yale Assure Smart Lock with Z-Wave

Homeowners who love smart gadgets would know how a pleasant-design smart lock adds to the aesthetics. Yale Assure has a simple and modern design and offers top-notch security for your home. 

This smart lock from Yale offers a keyless keypad entry into your home. The backlit keypad ensures that you easily enter your code in the night time as well. Plus, the 10-digit keypad allows you to use 3 fingers at a time while entering your secret code. 

You don’t need a key with this smart lock installed at your main door. The lock doesn’t come with a key and only provides the option of entry through code entry. You won’t’ want to carry a key with you all the time anyways. But, if you like to use a key once in a while, it doesn’t offer that. 

So, after connecting your Yale lock with the Ring alarm, you can use the ring app to fully control the lock. The lock allows you to create a whopping 250 access codes, which you can create and manage all inside the Ring app. 

The Yale lock comes with 4 AA batteries that you have to charge so that it can keep powering the lock. The lock also has a 9-volt connector which you can use in case the batteries die. This is important as the smart lock doesn’t have a back-up key. 

In conclusion, the Yale Assure lock provides effective security for your home while being pretty convenient to use. With the Ring-integration, you can control your lock and monitor 250 access codes, making it one of the best Ring-compatible smart locks out there. 


  • Works smoothly with Ring
  • 250 access codes
  • Fingerprint-resistant keypad 
  • 10-digit backlit keypad
  • No key
  • 4 AA batteries
  • 9-V connector

3. Kwikset 99140-024 with Traditional Keypad

Kwikset is also a reputable company that makes smart locks. You can integrate this Kwikset smart lock with the Ring alarm easily. 

The lock allows you to use a key or a keypad, both for entry into your home. Moreover, you can use your existing keys even after installing this lock by re-keying it. 

It has a 10-digit traditional keypad with buttons, which can be easily used wearing gloves. Also, the keypad is backlit, so you won’t face any visibility issue while entering your code in the night time.

After you connect the smart lock with the Ring alarm using Z-Wave, you are able to control the lock with the Ring app. 

You can do pretty much anything, including locking/unlocking your door, creating and managing your access codes; the lock allows up to 30 access codes. 

You can create a key temporarily for your guests, dog-walker, babysitter, or friends and delete it anytime you want. 

In addition, you won’t need any hardwiring in order to set it up with your door. You just need a screwdriver to install it without hassle. 

Plus, the device automatically locks itself after 30 seconds if you ever forget to lock it. Locking it is pretty simple too; it just needs a single touch. 

The smart lock is powered with 4 AA batteries. The SmartKey security feature provides a back-up keyway in case the lock’s batteries die. 

Overall, the Kwikset smart lock is easy to install and use, has a sleek and stylish metallic design, allows 30 access codes, and integrates with the Ring app for convenient controllability. 


  • Use your existing keys by re-keying
  • Automatic lock/unlock
  • Ring integration
  • 10-digit keypad
  • Backlit keypad
  • 4 AA batteries
  • 30 access codes

4. Kwikset 98880-006 Smart Lock with SmartKey Security

This Kwikset smart lock is also compatible with the Ring alarm. You can integrate the Ring alarm with it using Z-Wave and control the lock with the Ring app. 

Using the Ring alarm kit, you can lock/unlock your door remotely. Plus, there is a 5-digit keypad that can be used to get access. The automatic locking feature locks the door behind you when you forget to lock it. 

Additionally, you don’t need hard-wiring to install the lock. You will just need a screwdriver to set it up with your door. Moreover, the metallic design of the smart lock is pretty sleek and pleasant. 

The Kwikset smart lock allows you to grant access to up to 30 people with access codes. So, you can provide a personalized code to anyone you want and retract it whenever you desire.

Plus, whenever there is an activity at your lock, you get notified, and you can also check your lock’s status remotely. 

The device comes with 4 AA batteries and allows entry through the SmartKey feature in case the batteries are dead. The keypad of the lock is backlit, so you will easily be able to dial in your code at night. 

Overall, this Kwikset smart lock has a pleasant design, allows easy access and effective security, offers 30 access codes for your loved ones, sends you notifications of every activity, and provides you with a SmartKey feature in case batteries die. 


  • Smooth Ring integration
  • Backlit keypad
  • 30 access codes
  • SmartKey security
  • Z-Wave connectivity
  • 5-digit keypad
  • Auto-lock feature

Final Thoughts

Homeowners know the value of a smart gadget; it offers convenience while being perfectly effective. Smart locks are no exception; you can secure your home with these locks and have peace of mind. Plus, they offer ridiculous convenience over traditional locks. 

Locks that can be integrated with Ring let you control them using the Ring app. With such an integration, you have the good of both devices. Having access to your lock anytime you want and getting activity notifications can really keep a homeowner’s mind at ease.

These smart locks can be smoothly used with Ring. We are confident that you can compare other features and land on a practical decision for long-term peace of mind after reading this comprehensive review. 



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