Smart Lock Vs Keypad Reviewed

 Worried about the safety of your assets? Having a hard time deciding which system to choose for the safety of your home, commercial properties or personal safes? Perhaps you’re confused between Smart Locks and Keypads?

If those are your concerns, then don’t panic as in this article I’ll discuss these two modern systems of security. As it’s high-time to wave goodbye to traditional mechanical locks and open the doors to a more advanced form of security.

The question still lurks, Smart Lock Vs. Keypad, which will serve you better?

My verdict will stand for Smart locks. Not only are they sufficiently secure to protect valuables, have more accessibility but they are better suited for a technologically progressive society. On the other hand, it’s more convenient and eliminates several ancient problems regarding security.

However, I have realized that not everyone has the same needs in their sense of security when it comes to their possessions. Thus further in this article, I’ll compare both systems in detail to help you decide which security lock system you should install.

Smart Locks Vs Keypads

Smart locks and Keypad lock systems both pretty much serve the same purpose, which is to protect your valuables from falling into the wrong hands. It’s of utmost importance for you and your possessions to stay secured. Thus, protection must be present both for the sake of security and to give users a sense of relief about their assets.

However, not only do both these systems vary on their level of protection but also have their differences in their respective fields. Budget, accessibility, convenience, etc. are some of the things that should be considered whenever you’re deciding between these two lock systems.

Which Is Safer?

In the context of safety, different elements apply to both these options in their respective ways. Nevertheless, there’s no doubt that safety is going to be your utmost priority in choosing either of these security lock systems. Thus, without further ado, let’s kick it off with Smart Locks.

Smart locks are as safe as your traditional mechanical deadbolt/cylinder lock systems if not more. However, it is still pretty prone to breaching by physical means. If the smart lock system has a key slot it can still be picked and there’s always the option to use sheer brute force to break through doors. Safes and vaults can also be accessed by ‘explosive’ methods.

However, Smart locks do consist of several backups. As smart locks will be synced up with your phones at all times, you will always be notified anytime someone unverified tries to unlock your door. Thus, you can always call for the aid of local authorities even when you’re at the other side of the world.  There’s always going to be an option for you to control your locks remotely.

Smart locks are as the name suggests, consists of Artificial Intelligence constantly looking out. An AI being present enhances your existing security cameras, alarm and smart doorbell systems. Any unknown fingerprints or faces can trigger alarms or send you live footage from the security cameras to your phone.

However, having such advanced cyber functionality also makes smart locks a pretty obvious victim of hacking. Nonetheless, smart locks have frequent app updates and the companies at play are constantly evolving their system to become more resistant to cyber-attacks.

Keypads unlike Smart Locks lack any involvement of AI or smart tech. It’s simple electronic system makes it immune to hacking.

On the other hand, it cannot be picked by burglars unless key slots are installed. Inserting the wrong pin code several times will also automatically sound the security alarm. Owners can also choose to schedule when and where to provide access according to their will.

Yet, it still can be bypassed if someone happens to know the exact security PIN code or if they decide to take the forced physical way in. Electronic Keypads also have opportunities to implement biometrics such as retinal scans, fingerprinting, and vocal identification. Keypads lack technical benefits as it can’t remotely notify users about any potential breaching attempts.

Which Lock System is More Convenient for Users?

Convenience and larger scope of utility options are pretty crucial depending on proper context. Thus I will compare each of these system’s attempts at being user friendly.

Keypads are relatively pretty straightforward, if you know the Pin code or perhaps if you fall into the list of verified biometric scans, you get access. In terms of commercial buildings, factories and labs they are more suitable for mass usage. They do not need any sort of smart devices to function. However, that comes with its own downsides.

That’s the problem, Keypads are too simplistic, only providing security and lacking any other user convenience. Not to mention you have to have several security pins memorized. Missing additional functionality on par with its competitor makes keypads a better option for the public rather than individual users.

Smart locks also come with advanced biometrics and a touchscreen keypad, thus they can maintain the same level of simplistic look as Keypads. However, Smart locks can also connect itself to your lighting system, smart doorbells, thermostats, and security cameras. In fact it’s even compatible with other AI like Siri, Google Assistant and Alexa.

Its remote access through Wi-Fi and via smartphone also gives you the authority to control remotely which I will discuss below. Security is not the only service that smart locks can provide.

Which Lock System is More Accessible for Users?

Keypads are too simplistic which also makes it less accessible; they lack remote access so you can’t have control over your possessions even if you’re far away. As it can’t be connected to your phone, you won’t be notified if guests or intruders are right by your doorstep or not. To use it, you just have to be right next to it pressing on its buttons.

Smart locks on the other can be unlocked and be accessed from anywhere and everywhere. Advanced AI can be easily controlled through an app even if you are on the other side of the world. You are constantly notified through your phone whenever someone uses the lock. You can provide access to visitors or guests anywhere and anytime.

Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and any registered smartphone with the app can access and command the system with ease. You will basically retain your authority throughout.


Maintenance and Installation

Smart Locks are way more expensive to install and maintain as they will cater to more of your user needs. They will also require Wi-Fi access at all times whether you’re in the system or accessing it remotely. They will require you a smart-phone and will have you manage updates constantly. On the other hand, Smartphones technically act as your new ‘key’.

Hence, you always have to keep it charged enough whenever you are outside and also make sure you don’t have your phone stolen, for access to your phone may mean access to your home. Technical failures are also present from time to time.

Keypads are way cheaper to install than smart locks. Other than changing the PIN code or perhaps cleaning the physical keys there’s little to no maintenance to worry about. There are no technical problems to fix either. 


All things considered at the end of the day it all falls upon different factors. As for the sake of debate, the real winner of Smart Lock Vs Keypad is to be entirely decided by no one but you. For you should have the right to choose the right security system for your properties.

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