Where Are All The Smart Lock Double Cylinder Assemblies?

A secure lock is a necessity these days. You can’t go light on your home’s locking system; burglars will probably make you regret not securing your door effectively. 

So, going for a lock that is designed for added security is a must if you are to get peace of mind as well as prevent any break-in attempt from getting successful. 

However, how do you know whether the lock you are going for is secure enough? These days, you have smart locks, which are connected to your smartphone and can only be accessed through the smartphone app.  

Then there are smart lock double cylinder assemblies. A single-cylinder assembly is a lock where you only have to open it from the outside, from a key or a code. 

A double-cylinder assembly locks the door from inside as well. So, you won’t be able to open your door from the inside without using the key or the code. 

Pros and Cons of a Smart Lock Single-Cylinder

A single-cylinder smart lock assembly is convenient to use, efficient, and time-saving. You won’t have to invest a lot in a single-cylinder assembly either. Plus, almost everyone is used to the classic push-and-turn door opening mechanism. 

So, the ease of use and the relatively cheaper cost is why these single-cylinder assemblies are more common than their double-cylinder counterparts. 

But, they don’t come without drawbacks. Single-cylinder smart locks can be easily opened by small kids. Plus, if you have a window or glass beside your door, burglars can break-in by breaking the glass and opening the door from inside. 

So, it’s a good idea to learn about other options for better security of your home. 

Pros of Double-Cylinder Lock Assembly

Better Security

Double-cylinder assemblies are more secure as they require the key to get opened both from without and within. This doesn’t allow any burglar to open the lock by breaking the window or side glass. Because, even after breaking the glass, they would have to use the key to do open the door. 


Double-cylinder locks provide an added layer of safety for families and children. These locks are especially ideal for those who have children and patients with dementia. 

By ensuring the lock only opens with a key, you can keep your loved ones safe by letting them outside only with the company of an elder. 

However, it’s important that you keep the keys secured as well as accessible at all times. You don’t want the keys to be placed openly for anyone to open the door. You don’t want the keys to be inaccessible or far from you during an emergency as well. 

Keeping the Kids Inside and Safe

Kids can sometimes be stubborn. They may want to go out at an inappropriate time, so you would have to have a constant eye on them. But, with a double-cylinder assembly, you can lock the door from inside and prevent them from going outside without you knowing about it. 

This way, you can work or enjoy your own routine because you know where your kids are. Plus, your kids remain safe, as they only go out with you or with someone you trust. 

Where are all the Smart Lock Double Door Cylinder Assemblies?

Although double-cylinder lock assembly has a few prominent advantages, it isn’t the perfect locking mechanism either. There are a few cons that render them unsuitable for some situations. Let’s have a look at them separately. 

Key Requirement

Although it’s the main advantage of the double-cylinder lock assembly, having to open it with a key from the outside as well as from the inside can prove to be annoying sometimes. 

Opening the door with just a push of your thumb is pretty convenient. So, with the smart lock double cylinder, you have to spend a few seconds to get the key and open your lock. 

More importantly, the key requirement is a major disadvantage when it comes to emergency situations. Let’s say you have an emergency and you can’t find the key. You would have to waste quite a bit of time to open up your door. 

This is especially bothersome when there is a fire emergency; during such an incident, our minds don’t remain calm and we can easily forget about the key’s location. 

Even when you have the key in your hands, getting panicked and not being able to open the lock is a possibility. 

In addition, there is a chance you have misplaced the key; this is a real cause of concern when it comes to double-door cylinder locks. 

This is one of the main reasons why double-cylinder locks are not that common in the market these days. 

Smart Lock Double-Cylinder locks are not Suitable for Every Door

Smart lock double-cylinder lock assemblies are not ideal for every type of door, especially emergency exits. You need to be able to open emergency doors in an instant. Any delay can be dangerous or even fatal. 

So, as the double-cylinder lock assembly requires a key to open the door from within your home, it’s not a good idea to install it on the emergency exits of your house or any building. 

Smart Lock Double-Cylinder Locks are not Legal in Some Areas

Another reason for the double-cylinder locks’ unavailability in the mainstream market is that they have been declared illegal in many states. 

So, even if you want to install the double-cylinder lock, you will have to check the local codes first, as it may not be legal because of fire-code restrictions. 

As mentioned above, this is predominantly because in case of a fire emergency, if you can’t find your keys, it can turn out to be very dangerous. 

If you are still unsure, you can always take an opinion from an expert locksmith. You can also get expert advice on whether you should go for a single-cylinder door lock or double-cylinder door lock for your home. 

That being said, it is a great gadget for your home’s safety. And, if you would like to get all the benefits of the smart lock double-cylinder lock assembly, you can go for it. 

However, make sure you have an alternative emergency exit in place for any unanticipated event. Plus, talk to an expert locksmith before getting a smart lock double-cylinder assembly for your home’s security. 

Supply and Demand

As a result of low demand in the market, the manufacturers of locks have not been very generous in making smart lock double cylinder assemblies. The market of virtually any product works on the principle of demand and supply. 

With some states banning double-cylinder locks and the genuine security concern over their working, the demand for double-cylinder locks has been declining. So, as the user base declines, the production of these locks falls. 

A Key-Less Alternative (Entering a Code)

Another thing you can do is get a double-cylinder assembly without the key. The smart locks in such a case would open when you enter a code. 

It’s a relatively easier option than getting and inserting a key, however, you would still have to remember and enter your code in a panicky situation, which again, can’t be relied upon. 

Final Thoughts

Smart lock single cylinder assembly is convenient, cost-effective, and easy to use. However, because it can be vulnerable to burglars, a single-cylinder smart lock is relatively less safe than a smart lock double cylinder. 

A smart lock double cylinder assembly can only be opened from within with a key, as opposed to the single-cylinder locks, where you can just turn the knob to open your door. 

But, you may wonder “why are smart lock double cylinder assemblies not hitting the market now? Their main advantage is that they can only be opened from inside using a key (or code). Unfortunately, this has also become a big security concern. 

You may panic and forget about the keys in case of an emergency. Or even if you have the keys, in a panicky situation, you may not be able to open a lock with the key. This has rendered this locking mechanism obsolete in many states. 

However, if you want to use them for added security, have an extra emergency exit ready at all times, and make sure your keys are always accessible. It’s a good idea to have an expert opinion from a locksmith before you decide on the type of lock for your home. 


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